Ministry of Science and Higher Education supports WIC 2014

Organization of the 2014 Web Intelligence Congress has been made possible thanks to the generous financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland. The financial aid has been provided through PTM on the basis of the contract 970/P-DUN/2014

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All photos taken by the Organizers during WIC 2014 are now avaliable on Flickr!
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The 2014 International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT 2014) will be a part of the 2014 Web Intelligence Congress (WIC 2014). WIC 2014 will be held at the historical Central Campus of the University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland, between 11th and 14th of August 2014.

In the great digital era, we are witnessing many rapid scientific and technological developments in human-centred, seamless computing environments, interfaces, devices, and systems with applications ranging from business and communication to entertainment and learning. These developments are collectively best characterized as  Active Media Technology (AMT), a new area of intelligent information technology and computer science that emphasizes the proactive, seamless roles of interfaces and systems as well as new media in all aspects of digital life. An AMT based system offers services to enable the rapid design, implementation and support of customized solutions.      

The series of Active Media Technology conferences was started in Hong Kong, in 2001. Since then AMT has been held in China (multiple times), Japan (multiple times), as well as Australia and Canada. In 2014, AMT will visit Europe for the first time.

WIC 2014

WIC 2014 as a whole provides a leading international forum that brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields with the purpose of exploring the fundamental roles, interactions as well as practical impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Information Technology. Web Intelligence has been recognized as one of the most important and promising directions for scientific research and development of solutions that contribute to creation of the Knowledge-based Society. WIC 2014 will also include events focused on Intelligent Agents, Active Media as well as Brain Informatics and Health, in order to increase the cross-fertilization of ideas from different communities.

In addition to four federated conferences the workshops and special sessions organized as a part of WIC 2014 create an opportunity to exchange ideas, identify emerging challenges and present novel results from different domains in more focused manner. 

Warsaw - The Old Town

Panorama of Warsaw

Chopin statue in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - Library and gardens

Warsaw - Palace in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - WIC 2014 venue

University of Warsaw - Central Campus

Glimpse of modern Warsaw

Warsaw - Castle Square

Warsaw - Downtown by night

Warsaw - Royal Castle seen from the river

Warsaw University of Technology