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Check out the newest additions to WIC 2014 Workshops and Special Sessions

Don't forget to visit the "Workshop" and "Special sessions" lists to see the newest additions and changes. Consider contributing to those components of WIC 2014.


List of WIC 2014 workshops is published

The list of workshops is published for WIC 2014 conferences: WI 2014, IAT 2014, BIH 2014, AMT 2014. Check them out and find the one to submit your contribution to.


Call for tutorial proposals is posted

The Program Committe wants to enrich the WIC experience with tutorials on selected topics from renowned researchers in academia and industry. We welcome proposals for tutorials on topics related to the four aspects of WIC’2014, i.e. WI 2014/IAT 2014/BIH 2014/AMT 2014.


Registration information is posted

Information about registration fees, rules and policies for WIC 2014 conferences has been published. Check the corresponding pages for WI 2014, IAT 2014, BIH 2014 and AMT 2014.


Warsaw University of Technology joins WIC 2014 team

The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology has joined the team of institutions that together organize the 2014 Web Intelligence Congress.

Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao will deliver keynote talk at WIC 2014

Following the tradition started in 2012, the ACM A.M. Turing Award winner Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao will deliver keynote talk at WIC 2014.


Professor Karl Friston will give keynote speech at WIC 2014

Professor Karl Friston is a theoretical neuroscientist and authority on brain imaging. His keynote talk "Free energy, the brain and life as we know it" will be a part of the program of BIH 2014 conference, and hence, the WIC 2014.


Workshop proposal submission deadline has passed

The deadline for submission of WIC 2014 workshop proposals has passed on January 12. There will be no extension.


Rush to submit your workshop proposal

The deadline for submitting proposals for WIC 2014 workshops is near. Go to Proposal Submission to upload yours.


First special sessions are anounced

First two special sessions for WIC 2014 have been announced. More  to come.


Warsaw - The Old Town

Panorama of Warsaw

Chopin statue in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - Library and gardens

Warsaw - Palace in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - WIC 2014 venue

University of Warsaw - Central Campus

Glimpse of modern Warsaw

Warsaw - Castle Square

Warsaw - Downtown by night

Warsaw - Royal Castle seen from the river

Warsaw University of Technology