IAT 2014 Program

Monday, 11.08

IAT WS1: AS-BPM - International Workshop on Agent Systems in Business Process Management

Papers: S3201, S3202, S3204, S3205, S3206, S3207, S3208

IAT SPS1: Special session on Agent-Based Simulation Supporting Decision Making

Papers: SF204, SF202, SF203, Ir206, Ir215, Ir259, Ir261, Ir287, Ir300

Tuesday, 12.08

IAT RS1: Autonomy-Oriented Computing

Papers: Ir241, Ir271, Ir273, Ir303, Ir234

IAT RS2: Agent Systems Modeling

Papers: Ir202, Ir205, Ir212, Ir246, Ir279, Ir252

IAT RS3: Cooperation and Coordination

Papers: Ir209, Ir213, Ir229, Ir235, Ir286, Ir226

Wednesday, 13.08

IAT RS4: Emotional Agents

Papers: Ir228, Ir230, Ir243, Ir274

IAT RS5: Agent Systems Engineering

Papers: Ir260, Ir203, Ir208, Ir211, Ir267

IAT RS6: Knowledge and Information Agents

Papers: Ir299, Ir242, Ir293, Ir233, Ir207, Ir210

IAT RS7: Norms, Conventions and Networks

Papers: Ir236, Ir217, Ir264, Ir281, Ir253, Ir268

Thursday, 14.08

IAT SPS2: Special session on Cooperative Knowledge Discovery and Management

Papers: Ir305, Ir301, Ir260, Ir203, Ir208, Ir211, Ir267

IAT RS8: Agent-Based Applications

Papers: Ir277, Ir218, Ir240, Ir249, Ir302, Ir304

IAT WS1: AS-BPM - International Workshop on Agent Systems in Business Process Management

Chair: Werner Schmidt

Monday, 11.08; Room 211-212; 16:00-18:20


Local-Global Agent Failover Based on Organizational Models
Alexander Lawall, Thomas Schaller, and Dominik Reichelt


Agent-based Management for Intermediary Service Provider
Anton Ivaschenko, Ilya Syusin, and Anton Fedosov


Propagation of Agents to Trusted Organizations
Alexander Lawall, Dominik Reichelt, and Thomas Schaller


Generating Subject-Oriented Process Models from Ad-Hoc Interactions between Agents
Udo Kannengiesser, Markus Radmayr, Richard Heininger, and Nils Meyer


Multi–Agent Software for Knowledge Management in E-Health Systems
Anna Sołtysik-Piorunkiewicz


Subjects, Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Albert Fleischmann,  Werner Schmidt, and Christian Stary


Organizational Activities for KAIZEN or the Worse: A Unified Agent-Based Model
Takao Terano and Tomomi Kobayashi

IAT SPS1: Special session on Agent-Based Simulation Supporting Decision Making

Chair: Jarosław Koźlak

Part 1 – Monday, 11.08; Room 211-212; 9:00-10:20


Application of Agent Simulation to the Support of Decision Making Process
Jarosław Koźlak and Małgorzata Żabińska


An Improvisational Decision- Making Agent Based on Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System
Nady Slam, WenJun Wang, and Pei Wang


Agent-Oriented Computing Platform in Python
Maciej Kaziród, Wojciech Korczyński, and Aleksander Byrski


Intelligent Regulation Support System for Multimodal Traffic
Ben Rabah Nourhene, Slim Hammadi, and Cristian Tahon

Part 2 – Monday, 11.08; Room 211-212; 10:50 – 12:30


Preference Based Automated Negotiation for Service Procurement in Multi-Agent Systems
Khalid Mansour and Ryszard Kowalczyk


Smart Cloud Marketplace - Agent-based Platform for Trading Cloud Services
Sergei Chichin,  Mohan Baruwal Chhetri, Quoc Bao Vo, Ryszard Kowalczyk, and  Marcin Stepniak


Design and Evaluation of Automatic Agents for Stock Market Intraday Trading
Eduardo Jabbur, Everton Silva, Douglas Castilho, Adriano Pereira, and Humberto Branda~o


Modelling Multi-Stakeholder Systems: A Case Study
Michel Oey, Zülküf Genç, Amineh Ghorbani, Huib Aldewereld, Frances Brazier, Reyhan Aydogan,  Catholijn M. Jonker, Reinier Timmer, and  Niek Wijngaards


Petro: a Multi-agent Model of Historical Warfare
Marcin Waniek

IAT RS1: Autonomy-Oriented Computing

Chair: Andrzej Szałas

Tuesday 12.08; Room 114-115-116; 10:50-12:30


Bi-level Token Ring for Multilateral Negotiations
Romain Cailliere, Souhila Arib, Samir Aknine,  and Chantal Berdier


Ant Colony Clustering Approach Combined with Multilevel Framework for Functional Module Detection in Large-scale PPI Networks
Hongxin Liu, Junzhong Ji, Cuicui Yang, Jiawei Lv, and Xiuzhen Zhang


Self-adaptation of a Learnt Behaviour by Detecting and by Managing User's Implicit Contradictions
Valérian Guivarch, Valérie Camps, André Péninou, and Pierre Glize


Engineering Structural Adaptation for Self-organizing Multi-agent Systems
Wolfgang Renz and Thomas Preisler


Exploring Bio-inspired Self-Organization for Developing Emergent Intelligence in Urban Super Organism
Sumant Mukherjee and Santanu Chaudhury

IAT RS2: Agent Systems Modeling

Chair: Munindar P. Singh

Tuesday 12.08; Room 111-112-113; 16:00-18:20


Peer-to-Peer Data Synchronization Agents
Sylvain Kubler, Irfan Davalsab Nargund, Kary Främling, and William Derigent


Agent-Based Simulation as a Tool for the Design of a Virtual Training Environment
Tibor Bosse,  Jeroen de Man, and  Charlotte Gerritsen


Extending the Jadex Framework with Coherence-Driven Adaptive Agent Decision-Making Model
Serkan Íşçi, Okan Topçu, and Levent Yilmaz


Local Search for DisCSPs with Complex Local Problems
Amina Sambo-Magaji, Ines Arana, and Hatem Ahriz


Agent-Based Modelling of Primitive Human Communities
Marzieh Jahanbazi, Christopher Frantz, Maryam Purvis, Martin Purvis, and Mariusz Nowostawski


An Experimental Evaluation of Communication in an Organization-based Multi-Agent System
Issam Bouslimi, Chihab Hanachi, and Khaled Ghedira

IAT RS3: Cooperation and Coordination

Chair: Cyrus F. Nourani

Tuesday 12.08; Room 114-115-116; 16:00-18:20


Helping Agents on Selecting their Future Partners
Elane Cristina Saraiva and Viviane Torres da Silva


CLEAN Rewards to Improve Coordination by Removing Exploratory Action Noise
Chris HolmesParker, Mathew E. Taylor, Adrian K. Agogino, and Kagan Tumer


Finding Better Teammates in a Semi-cooperative Multi-agent System
Sara Amini and Mohsen Afsharchi


Adaptive Collaborative Agent-based System for Crisis Management
Sarah ben Othman, Nesrine Zoghlami,  Slim Hammadi, and  Hayfa Zgaya


A Negotiation Protocol for Optimal Decision Making by Collaborating Agents
Divya Paliwal and Raj Bhatnagar


Local Information Promotes Cooperation in Duplex Public Goods Games With Limited Resources
Xiaoming Zheng, Yifeng Zhou, Weiwei Wu, and Yichuan Jiang

IAT RS4: Emotional Agents

Chair: Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi

Wednesday 13.08; Room 114-115-116; 9:00-10:20


An Emotional Agent Model for the Simulation of Realistic Civilian Behaviors during Emergency Situations
Mouna Belhaj, Fahem Kebair, and Lamjed Ben Said


Effect of Changes in the Structure of a Social Network on Emotion Contagion
Michel Klein, Adnan Manzoor, Julia Mollee, and Jan Treur


Computational Models of Players' Physiological-Based Emotional Reactions: A Digital Games Case Study
Pedro A. Nogueira, Rúben Aguiar, Rui Rodrigues, and Eugénio Oliveira


A Profitable Online No-Limit Poker Playing Agent
Luís Filipe Teófilo,  Luís Paulo Reis, and  Henrique Lopes Cardoso

IAT RS5: Agent Systems Engineering

Chair: Eric Matson

Wednesday 13.08; Room 114-115-116; 10:50-12:30


A Case-Based Reasoning Architecture of an Hybrid Software Agent
Adriana Leite Costa and Rosario Girardi


MAIA: An Event-based Modular Architecture for Intelligent Agents
J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada and  Carlos A. Iglesias


A Generic Mapping Approach for the Integration of BDI with Object Orientation
Lars Braubach and Alexander Pokahr


SARL: a General-Purpose Agent-Oriented Programming Language
Sebastian Rodriguez, Nicolas Gaud, and Stéphane Galland


Optimizing Context Computation for Multiagent Simulations
Flavien Balbo, Mahdi Zargayouna, and Fabien Badeig

IAT RS6: Knowledge and Information Agents

Chair: Ah-Hwee Tan

Wednesday 13.08; Room 114-115-116; 16:00-18:00


Computationally-Friendly Argumentation Schemes
Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz and Alina Strachocka


Understanding Instructions on Large Scale for Human-Robot Interaction
Jiongkun Xie and Xiaoping Chen


Natural Multi-Language Interaction Between Firefighters and Fire Fighting Robots
Ji Hyeon Hong, Julia Taylor, and Eric Matson


Integrating Motivated Learning and k-Winner-Take-All to Coordinate Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Teck-Hou Teng, Ah-Hwee Tan, Janusz A. Starzyk, Yuan-Sin Tan, and Loo-Nin Teow


Modeling Dynamics of Cognitive Control in Action Formation with Intention, Attention, and Awareness
Dilhan J. Thilakarathne


Spread of Situation Awareness in a Group: Population-based vs. Agent-based Modelling
Tibor Bosse and Nataliya Mogles

IAT RS7: Norms, Conventions and Networks

Chair: Lars Braubach

Wednesday 13.08; Room 211-212-213; 16:00-18:00


A Multilevel Agent-based Approach for Trustworthy Service Selection in Social Networks
Amine Louati, Joyce El Haddad, and Suzanne Pinson


Emergence of Conventions for Efficiently Resolving Conflicts in Complex Networks
Toshiharu Sugawara


Analysing the Dynamics of Norm Evolution using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Christopher Frantz, Martin K. Purvis, Mariusz Nowostawski, and Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu


Normative Positions within Norm-Regulated Transition System Situations
Magnus Hjelmblom


Testing Carlo Cipolla's Laws of Human Stupidity with Agent-Based Modeling
Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi and Célia da Costa Pereira


Reducing the Number of Samples in Distributed Cooperative Solution Method for Resource Supply Networks
Toshihiro Matsui, Masayuki Kaneko, Yuho Takama, and Hiroshi Matsuo

 IAT SPS2: Special session on Cooperative Knowledge Discovery and Management

Chair: Henryk Rybiński and Dominik Ryżko

Part 1 – Thursday, 14.08; Room 114-115-116; 9:00-10:20


The Science of Security: Introduction from the Perspective of Secure Collaboration
Munindar P. Singh


Heterogeneous Multiagent Competitive Learning and Model Ontology Mapping
Cyrus F. Nourani

Part 2 - Thursday, 14.08; Room 114-115-116; 10:50-12:30


Lightweight Reasoning with Incomplete and Inconsistent Information: A Case Study
Łukasz Białek and Andrzej Szałas



Multi-agent Architecture for Real-time Big Data Processing
Bartłomiej Twardowski and Dominik Ryżko


Default Logic Knowledge Managament in a Multi-agent System
Dominik Ryżko and Henryk Rybiński


Content-based Feature Matching for Fragment Reassembly of Ceramic Reconstruction
Shu-Yu Lin, Han-Jen Ku, Chao-Lung Ting, Ray-I Chang, Yu-Chun Wang, and Jan-Ming Ho


A Matchmaking Algorithm for Resource Discovery in Multi-User Settings
Kimberly García, Salma Perez, Sonia Mendoza, and Dominique Decouchant

IAT RS8: Agent-Based Applications

Chair: Takao Terano

Thursday, 14.08; Room 114-115-116; 16:00-18:00


iHANDs: Intelligent Health Advising and Decision-Support Agent
Brett Hannan, Xiaoqin Zhang, and Kristen Sethares


A Personalized Support Agent for Depressed Patients: forecasting Patient Behavior Using a Mood and Coping Model
Reinier Kop, Mark Hoogendoorn, and Michel C.A. Klein


Agent-based Coalition Formation in a Co-modal Transport System
Zhanjun Wang, Khaled Mesghouni, and Slim Hammadi


Purchase Intention based Model for a Behavioural Simulation of Sale Space
Antoine Sylvain, Arnaud Doniec, René Mandiau, and Stéphane Lecoeuche


Heterarchical Interaction Model for Auction-based Multiagent Negotiation Mechanism
Kazuto Sasai, Yukio-Pegio Gunji, and Tetsuo Kinoshita


Does the Financial Contagion Happen in the Market Where the Selling of Assets on Margin is Active?
Isao Yagi, Takanobu Mizuta, and Kiyoshi Izumi

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