WI 2014 Program

Monday, 11.08

WI WS1: WPRSM - The Third International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems and Social Media

Papers: Wr261, S5203, S5206, S5208, S5202, Wr264, Wr380, Wr422, Wr441

WI WS2: NLPOE - 7th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering

Papers: S9202, S9203, S9204, S9205

WI WS3: WOSWI - Second International Workshop on Social Web Intelligence

Papers: S7203, Wr295, Wr418, Wr347, Wr446, Wr448

WI WS4: KDO - International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Ontologies

Papers: S4203, S4204, S4205, S4207, Wr346, Wr351, Wr360

WI SPS1: Special session on Big Data Analytics

Papers: SG205, SG206, SG207, SG208, SG209, SG210, SG211

Tuesday, 12.08

WI SPS2: Special session on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining

Papers: SE204, SE210, SE205, Wr429, Wr226, SE212, SE201, SE211, SE215, SE202, SE209, Wr241

WI SPS3: Joint special session on Granular Computing and Soft Clustering

Papers: SC201, SC202, SC203, SC204, SC205, SA202, SA203

WI RS1: Human-Web Interaction

Papers: Wr213, Wr273, Wr421, Wr280, Wr306

WI RS2: World Wide Wisdom Web

Papers: Wr308, Wr318, Wr353, Wr404, Wr447

Wednesday, 13.08

WI RS3A: Web Intelligence Applications 1

Papers: Wr204, Wr339, Wr249, Wr265

WI RS4A: Social Networks Data Analysis 1

Papers: Wr297, Wr425, Wr433, Wr292

WI RS5A: Foundations of Web Intelligence 1

Papers: Wr263, Wr361, Wr372, A204

WI RS6A: Recommender Systems 1

Papers: Wr215, Wr244, Wr363, Wr408

WI RS7A: Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence 1

Papers: Wr218, Wr245, Wr287, Wr289, Wr300

WI RS8A: Web Mining 1

Papers: Wr246, Wr251, Wr253, Wr272, Wr288

WI RS9: Web Intelligence Technologies

Papers: Wr219, Wr314, Wr330, Wr389, Wr411, Wr445

Thursday, 14.08

WI RS3B: Web Intelligence Applications 2

Papers: Wr343, Wr207, Wr364, Wr381, Wr423, Wr315

WI RS4B: Social Networks Data Analysis 2

Papers: Wr303, Wr371, Wr409

WI RS5B: Foundations of Web Intelligence 2

Papers: Wr205, Wr223, Wr256, Wr386

WI RS6B: Recommender Systems 2

Papers: Wr281, Wr335, Wr373, Wr378, Wr434

WI RS7B: Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence 2

Papers: Wr307, Wr366, Wr377, Wr417, Wr419

WI RS8B: Web Mining 2

Papers: Wr299, Wr320, Wr327, Wr416, Wr224

WI RS10A&B: Opinion Mining 1&2

Papers: (A) Wr227, Wr228, Wr259, Wr271; (B) Wr304, Wr319, Wr342, Wr384, Wr324, Wr436

WI RS11A&B: Information Retrieval 1&2

Papers: (A) Wr220, Wr260, Wr278, Wr296; (B) Wr344, Wr349, Wr357, Wr374, Wr382, Wr405

WI WS1: WPRSM - The Third International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems and Social Media

Chair: Marek Reformat

Part 1 - Monday, 11.08; Auditorium; 9:00-10:20


Improving Collaborative Filtering based Recommenders using Topic Modelling
Jobin Wilson, Santanu Chaudhury, and Brejesh Lall


Combining Query Terms Extension and Weight Correlative for Expert Finding
Chen-Tao Chuang, Kai-Hsiang Yang, Jenq-Haur Wang, and Yu-Li Lin


Recommender System for Crowdsourcing Platform Witology
Dmitry I. Ignatov, Alexandra Kaminskaya, Natalia Konstantinova,  
and Andrey Konstantinov


Feature Selection and Term Weighting
Abdulmohsen Algarni and Nasser Tairan

Part 2 - Monday, 11.08; Auditorium; 10:50 – 12:30


Hybrid Algorithm for Precise Recommendation from Almost Infinite Set of Websites
Dominik Deja, Radosław Nielek, Xin Liu, and Adam Wierzbicki


Dynamic Learning of Keyword-Based Preferences for News Recommendation
Antonio Moreno, Lucas Marin, David Isern, and David Perelló


Link Prediction Based on Multi-steps Resource Allocation
Zhifeng Wu and Yaohui Li


Fuzzy Subjective Sentiment Phrases: A Context Sensitive and Self-Maintainable Sentiment Lexicon
Seyed Ali Bahrainian, Marcus Liwicki, and Andreas Dengel


WIKIF: Applying Wikipedia to Document Ranking
Suyeon Lee, Seongchan Kim, Chihoon Jung , Jae-Gil Lee and Mun Y. Yi

WI WS2: NLPOE - 7th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering

Chair: Peng Jin

Monday, 11.08; Room 214; 9:00-10:20


Mapping Word Senses of Middle Ancient Chinese to WordNet
Yingjie Zhang, Bin Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Xueyang Liu, and Jiajun Chen


Application of TextRank Algorithm for Credibility Assessment
Bartłomiej Balcerzak, Wojciech Jaworski, and Adam Wierzbicki


Integrating Pinyin to Improve Spelling Errors Detection for Chinese Language
Peng Jin, Xingyuan Chen, Zhaoyi Guo, and Pengyuan Liu


Exploratory Study of Relationships Among Statement Credibility, Context, and Semantic Similarity
Emilia Rejmund, Wojciech Jaworski, and Adam Wierzbicki

WI WS3: WOSWI - Second International Workshop on Social Web Intelligence

Chair: Lipika Dey

Monday, 11.08; Room 114-115-116; 16:00-18:20


On the Effectiveness of Emergent Task Allocation of Virtual Programmer Teams
Oskar Jarczyk, Błażej Gruszka, Leszek Bukowski, and Adam Wierzbicki


Identification of Opinion Leaders Based on User Clustering and Sentiment Analysis 
Jiangjiao Duan, Jianping Zeng, and Banghui Luo


Tweet Sentiment Analytics with Context Sensitive Tone-Word Lexicon
Amal Babour and Javed I. Khan


Indirect Keyword Recommendation
André Sabino, Armanda Rodrigues, Miguel Goulão, and João Gouveia


Visualizing Indirect Relationships 
André Sabino, João Gouveia, and Armanda Rodrigues


Online Social Networks - Differences between Web, Mobile, and App Version
Petra Gröber

WI WS4: KDO - International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Ontologies

Chair: Rosario Girardi and Renata Vieira

Monday, 11.08; Room 215-216; 16:00-18:20


An Ontology for Guiding Performance Testing
Artur Freitas and Renata Vieira


Ontology as a Base for State Space of Expert Systems
Boris Bučko, Michal Joštiak, Vladimír Smataník, and Katarína Zábovská


Learning of Legal Ontology Supporting the User Queries Satisfaction
Imen Bouaziz Mezghanni and Faiez Gargouri


Multi-agent Based System for Multilingual Ontologies Maintenance
Saeed Albukhitan and Tarek Helmy


An Approach to Join Ontologies and their Reuse in the Construction of Application Ontologies
Fhillipi Silva and Rosario Girardi


Interpreting Discovered Patterns in terms of Ontology Concepts
Md Abul Bashar, Yuefeng Li, Yan Shen, and Mubarak Albathan


Detecting and Correlating Video-based Event Patterns: An Ontology driven Approach
Nisha Pahal, Santanu Chaudhury, Vishwanath Gaur, Brejesh Lall, and Anupama Mallik

WI SPS1: Special session on Big Data Analytics

Chair: Xiaolong Jin

Monday, 11.08; Room 111-112-113; 16:00-18:20


Incremental Multi-manifold Out-of-Sample Data Prediction
Zhongxin Liu, Wenmin Wang, and Ronggang Wang


Uncertainty Reasoning Based Formal Framework for Big Video Data Understanding
Shuwei Chen, Kathy Clawson, Min Jing, Jun Liu, Hui Wang,
and Bryan Scotney


Protecting Data Privacy from Being Inferred from High Dimensional Correlated Data
Huafeng Ba, Xiaoming Gao, Xiaofeng Zhang, and Zhenyu He


Privacy-Preserving WebID Analytics on the Decentralized Policy-Aware Social Web
Yuh-Jong Hu


Identifying Interaction Groups in Social Network Using a Game-Theoretic Approach

Jianye Yu, Yuanzhuo Wang, Xiaolong Jin, and Xueqi Cheng


Enhanced Factored Sequence Kernel for Sentiment Classification
Luis Trindade, Hui Wang, William Blackburn, and Philip S. Taylor


Framework for Analyzing Semantic Change of Words across Time
Adam Jatowt and Kevin Duh

WI SPS2: Special session on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining

Chair: Jerzy Stefanowski

Tuesday, 12.08; Part 1 - Room 215-216; 10:50-12:30


Support Vector Machine for Malware Analysis and Classification
Michał Kruczkowski and Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz


A First-Order Decomposition Algorithm for Training Bound-Constrained Support Vector Machines
Lingfeng Niu, Xi Zhao, and Yong Shi


Online Classification with Partially Labelled Texts
Masato Shirai and Takao Miura


Learning Hypotheses from Triadic Labeled Data
Dmitry Ignatov,  Roman Zhuk, and  Natalia Konstantiova


FoP: Never-ending Learner for Multimedia Knowledge Extraction
Julien Subercaze and Christophe Gravier

Part 2 – Tuesday, 12.08; Room 215-216; 16:00 – 18:20


Darwin, Lamarck, or Baldwin: Applying Evolutionary Algorithms to Machine Learning Techniques
Andreas Holzinger, David Blanchard, Marcus Bloice, Katharina Holzinger, Vasile Palade, and Raul Rabadan


Maximum Entropy based Associative Regression for Sparse Datasets
Aneesh Sreevallabh Chivukula and Vikram Pudi


Text Document Latent Subspace Clustering by PLSA Factors
X.F. Zhou, J.G. Liang, Y. Hu, and L. Guo


Spammer Classification using Ensemble Methods over Structural Social Network Features
Sajid Yousuf Bhat, Muhammad Abulaish,  and Abdulrahman A. Mirza


Boosting Country Classification for Semantic Annotation in Social Networks
Chang Su and Wenqiang Jia


A New Method for Community Detection Using Seed Nodes
Chang Su, Yukun Wang, and Lan Zhang


A Clique based Web Page Classification Corrective Approach
 Belmouhcine Abdelbadie and  Benkhalifa Mohammed

WI SPS3: Joint special session on Granular Computing and Soft Clustering

Chair: Shusaku Tsumoto and Pawan Lingras

Tuesday, 12.08; Room 205; 16:00-18:20


FPGA in Rough-Granular Computing: Reduct Generation
Maciej Kopczyński, Tomasz Grześ, and Jarosław Stepaniuk


Formal Analysis of Leave-One Out Method based on Incremental Sampling Scheme
Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano


Formal Analysis of Statistical Dependence based Homological Algebra
Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano


Data Mining Considering Curation
Akinori Abe


On Some Models of Objective-based Rough Clustering
Naohiko Kinoshita, Yasunori Endo, and Sadaaki Miyamoto


Drilling Down Through Multi-level Clustering Hierarchy based on User Needs
Mathew Kallada, Gurbinder Kaur Sidhu, and Pawan Lingras


On Complexity of Effective Data Granulation in Databases
Jakub Wróblewski and Marcin Kowalski

WI RS1: Human-Web Interaction

Chair: Marcin Sydow

Tuesday, 12.08; Room 111-112-113; 10:50 – 12:30


Enterprise Contextual Intelligence
Gautam Shroff, Lipika Dey, and Hiranmay Ghosh


Exploiting Text Mining Techniques for Contextual Recommendations
Marcos Aurélio Domingues, Camila Vaccari Sundermann, Marcelo Garcia Manzato, Ricardo Marcondes Marcacini, and Solange Oliveira  Rezende


Generating Personalized Snippets for Web Page Recommender Systems
Akihiko Watanabe, Ryohei Sasano, Hiroya Takamura, and Manabu Okumura


Can Latent Features be Interpreted as Users in Matrix Factorization-based Recommender Systems?
Armelle Brun, Marharyta Aleksandrova, and Anne Boyer


Swarming in the Urban Web Space to Discover the Optimal Region
Chandan Kumar, Uwe Gruenefeld, Wilko Heuten, and Susanne Boll

WI RS2: World Wide Wisdom Web

Chair: Stefan Decker

Tuesday, 12.08; Room 213; 10:50-12:30


Semantic Heuristic Search in Collaborative Networks: Measures and Contexts
Valentina Franzoni,  Marco Mencacci, Paolo Mengoni, and  Alfredo Milani


An Approach for Learning and Construction of Expressive Ontology from Text in Natural Language
Ryan Ribeiro de Azevedo, Fred Freitas, Rodrigo G.C. Rocha, José Antônio Alves de Menezes, Cleyton Mário de Oliveira Rodrigues, and Gabriel de França Pereira e Silva


Mining Twitter Data with Resource Constraints
George Valkanas, Ioannis Katakis,  Dimitrios Gunopulos, and  Antony Stefanidis


Conjunctive Query Programming: A Paradigm for Knowledge Engineering of Optimization Problems in the Semantic Web
Thomas Fischer


Effective Organization and Application of RDF/OWL Big Data Inspired by Human Memory Mechanism and Cognition
Youjun Li and Ning Zhong

WI RS3A: Web Intelligence Applications 1

Chair: Muhammad Abulaish

Wednesday 13.08; Room 111-112-113; 9:00-10:20


VIPReader: A Light News Reader for the Visually Impaired Person
Mengmeng Ye, Ping Li, and Qing Li


Predicting the Near-Weekend Ticket Sales Using Web-Based External Factors and Box-Office Data
Seonghoon Moon, Suman Bae, and Songkuk Kim


Tools for External Plagiarism Detection in DOCODE
Juan Velásquez and Edison Marrese-Taylor


Two-Phase Pareto Set Discovery for Team Formation in Social Network
Morteza Zihayat, Mehdi Kargar, and Aijun An

WI RS3B: Web Intelligence Applications 2

Chair: Muhammad Abulaish

Thursday 14.08; Room 214-215-216; 16:00-18:00


Ontology Based Data Access and Integration for Improving the Effectiveness of Farming in Nepal
Suresh Pokharel, Mohamed Ahmed Sherif, and Jens Lehmann


Contexts Recommendation Using Multi-Label Classification
Yong Zheng, Bamshad Mobasher, and Robin Burke


Recommending Judgment Targets for Rating Provision
Friederike Klan and Birgitta König-Ries


How Can We Help Our K-12 Teachers?: Using a Recommender to Make Personalized Book Suggestions
Maria Soledad Pera and Yiu-Kai Ng


Word Sense Induction with Multilingual Features Representation
Lorenzo Albano, Domenico Beneventano, and Sonia Bergamaschi


A Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System for Introductory Programming
 Štefan Pero and Tomáš Horváth

WI RS4A: Social Networks Data Analysis 1

Chair: Christophe Gravier

Wednesday 13.08; Room 211-212; 9:00-10:20


Temporal Behavior of Social Network Users in Information Diffusion
Guolin Niu, Yi Long, and Victor O.K. Li


Time Makes Sense: Event Discovery in Twitter using Temporal Similarity
Paola Velardi and Giovanni Stilo


TSBM: The Temporal-Spatial Bayesian Model for Location Prediction in Social Networks
Yantao Jia, Yuanzhuo Wang, Xiaolong Jin, and Xueqi Cheng


Exploiting Social Media for Stock Market Prediction with Factorization Machine
Chen Chen, Wu Dongxing, Hou Chuyan, and Yuan Xiaojie

WI RS4B: Social Networks Data Analysis 2

Chair: Christophe Gravier

Thursday 14.08; Room 214-215-216; 9:00-10:20


Predicting Personality On Social Media with Semi-supervised Learning
Dong Nie, Zengda Guan, Bibo Hao, Shuotian Bai, and Tingshao Zhu


A Systematic Framework for Sentiment Identification by Modeling User Social Effects
Kunpeng Zhang, Yi Yang, Aaron Sun, and Hengchang Liu


Recursive Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis over Social Data
Changliang Li, Bo Xu, Gaowei Wu, Saike He, Guanhua Tian, and Hongwei Hao

WI RS5A: Foundations of Web Intelligence 1

Chair: Mariusz Nowostawski

Wednesday 13.08; Room 213; 9:00 – 10:20


Adaptive Landmark Selection Strategies for Fast Shortest Path Computation in Large Real-World Graphs
Frank W. Takes and Walter A. Kosters


Enumerating Communities for a Deeper Understanding of Community Finding
Zachary Kurmas, Hugh McGuire, Jerry Scripps, and Christian Trefftz


Big Data - Characterizing an Emerging Research Field using Topic Models
Thomas Hansmann and Peter Niemeyer


Enhancing Communication through Distributed Mixed Reality
Divesh Lala, Christian Nitschke, and Toyoaki Nishida

WI RS5B: Foundations of Web Intelligence 2

Chair: Mariusz Nowostawski

Thursday 14.08; Room 308; 9:00 – 10:20


Structural Vulnerability Analysis of Overlapping Communities in Complex Networks
Md Abdul Alim, Nam P. Nguyen, Thang N. Dinh, and My T. Thai


Cloud Application Development Methodology
Hind Benfenatki, Catarina Ferreira da Silva, Aïcha-Nabila Benharkat, and Parisa Ghodous


Multi-Agent Information Diffusion Model for Twitter
Keisuke Ikeda, Yoshiyuki Okada, Fujio Toriumi, Takeshi Sakaki, Kazuhiro Kazama, Itsuki Noda, Kosuke Shinoda, Hirohiko Suwa, and Satoshi Kurihara


Efficient Spatio-textual Similarity Join Using MapReduce
Yu Zhang, Youzhong Ma, and Xiaofeng Meng

WI RS6A: Recommender Systems 1

Chair: Satoshi Kurihara and Toshiharu Sugawara

Wednesday 13.08; Room 215-216; 9:00 – 10:20


Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Identifying Business Communities in Internet Traffic
Stefan Weigert, Matti A. Hiltunen, and Christof Fetzer


NCDREC: A Decomposability Inspired Framework for Top-N Recommendation
Athanasios N. Nikolakopoulos and John D. Garofalakis


A Link Prediction Approach for Item Recommendation with Complex Number
Feng Xie, Zhen Chen, Jiaxing Shang, Xiaoping Feng, Wenliang Huang and Jun Li


Online Recommender System for Radio Station Hosting: Experimental Results Revisited
Dmitry I. Ignatov, Sergey Nikolenko, Taimuraz Abaev,
and Natalia Konstantinova

WI RS6B: Recommender Systems 2

Chair: Satoshi Kurihara and Toshiharu Sugawara

Thursday 14.08; Room 214-215-216; 10:50-12:30


Optimizing Personalized Ranking in Recommender Systems with Metadata Awareness
Marcelo G. Manzato, Marcos A. Domingues, and Solange O. Rezende


Improving Personalized Ranking in Recommender Systems with Multimodal Interactions
Arthur F. da Costa, Marcos A. Domingues, Solange O. Rezende, and Marcelo G. Manzato


SemanticSVD++: Incorporating Semantic Taste Evolution for Predicting Ratings
Matthew Rowe


Propagating Users' Similarity towards improving Recommender Systems
Anna Satsiou and Leandros Tassiulas


Fuzziness and Ontology in Personalization of Selection Processes in the Semantic Web
Marek Z. Reformat, Cuong Ly, and Petr Musilek

WI RS7A: Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence 1

Chair: Andrzej Janusz

Wednesday 13.08; Room 111-112-113; 10:50-12:30


Aspect-based Similar Entity Search in Semantic Knowledge Graphs with Diversity-Awareness and Relaxation
Steffen Metzger, Ralf Schenkel, and Marcin Sydow


Learning Concise Pattern for Interlinking with Extended Version Space
Zhengjie Fan, Jérôme Euzenat, and François Scharffe


SORM: A Social Opinion Relevance Model
Allan Diego Silva Lima and Jaime Simão Sichman


Collecting Conceptualized Relations from Terabytes of Web Texts for Understanding Unknown Terms
Masumi Shirakawa, Kotaro Nakayama, Eiji Aramaki, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio


Person Identification between Different Online Social Networks
Cheng-Ta Chung, Chia-Jui Lin, Chih-Hung Lin, and Pu-Jen Cheng

WI RS7B: Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence 2

Chair: Andrzej Janusz

Thursday 14.08; Room 111-112-113; 10:50-12:30


Obtaining Technology Insights from Large and Heterogeneous Document Collections
Lipika Dey, Diwakar Mahajan, and Hemant Gupta


A New Sentence Similarity Method Based on a Three-Layer Sentence Representation
Rafael Ferreira, Rafael Dueire Lins, Fred Freitas, Bruno Avila, Steven J. Simske, and Marcelo Riss


Multi-Feature and DAG-Based Multi-Tree Matching Algorithm for Automatic Web Data Mining
Shengsheng Shi, Chengfei Liu, Chunfeng Yuan, and Yihua Huang


A Comparison of Mobile Rule Engines for Reasoning on Semantic Web Based Health Data
William Van Woensel, Newres Al Haider, Patrice C. Roy, Ahmad Marwan Ahmad, and Syed S.R. Abidi


Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Massive String-Based Ontology Matching
Michael Cochez

WI RS8A: Web Mining 1

Chair: Vijay Raghavan

Wednesday 13.08; Room 211-212; 10:50 – 12:30


GeoEcho: Inferring User Interests from Geotag Reports in Network Traffic
Ning Xia, Stanislav Miskovic, Mario Baldi, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, and Antonio Nucci


A Dynamic Approach to the Website Boundary Detection Problem Using Random Walks
Ayesh Alshukri and Frans Coenen


Ranking of Coordinate Terms and Hypernyms Using a Hypernym-Hyponym Dictionary
Kosetsu Tsukuda, Hiroaki Ohshima, and Katsumi Tanaka


Semantic Similarity Measurements for Multi-lingual Short Texts Using Wikipedia
Tatsuya Nakamura, Masumi Shirakawa, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio


Using Extended Random Set to Find Specific Patterns
Mubarak Albathan, Yuefeng Li, and Yue Xu

WI RS8B: Web Mining 2

Chair: Vijay Raghavan

Thursday 14.08; Room 211-212-213; 10:50 – 12:30


A POI Categorization by Composition of Onomastic and Contextual Information
Su Jeong Choi, Hyun-Je Song, Seong-Bae Park, and Sang-Jo Lee


Parallel Community Detection For Cross-Document Coreference
Fatemeh Rahimian, Sarunas Girdzijauskas, and Seif Haridi


Implicitly Learning a User Interest Profile for Personalization of Web Search using Collaborative Filtering
Ashish Nanda, Rohit Omanwar, and Bharat Deshpande


DiscWord: Learning Discriminative Topics
Yu Jiang, Xian Li, and Weiyi Meng


Research and Improvement of Focused Crawling Strategy
Jianzhuo Yan, Hui Wang, Liying Fang, Liying Long, Hirui Luo, and Xinqing Shi

WI RS9: Web Intelligence Technologies

Chair: Jiming Liu

Wednesday 13.08; Room 111-112-113; 16:00 – 18:00


Synthoid: Endpoint User Profile Control
Marcel Flores and Aleksandar Kuzmanovic


SocialTrust: Adaptive Trust Oriented Incentive Mechanism for Social Commerce
Zeinab Noorian, Mohsen Mohkami, Yuan Liu, Hui Fang, Julita Vassileva, and Jie Zhang


Automatic Tagging Web Services using Machine Learning Techniques
Maria Lin and David W. Cheung


Web Service Matchmaking Using a Hybrid of Signature and Specification Matching Methods
Syed Sibte Rzza Abidi,  Ali Daniyal, and  Syed Farrukh Mehdi


Computing Trust as a form of Presumptive Reasoning
Pierpaolo Dondio and Luca Longo


Anatomy of a Consumer Web Transaction
Kin Fun Li and Gulnar Ali

WI RS10A: Opinion Mining 1

Chair: Juan Velásquez

Thursday 14.08; Room 111-112-113; 9:00-10:20


Evaluating Feature Sets and Classifiers for Sentiment Analysis of Financial News
Pål-Christian S. Njølstad, Lars S. Høysæter, Wei Wei, and Jon Atle Gulla


Make It Possible: Multilingual Sentiment Analysis without Much Prior Knowledge
Zheng Lin, Xiaolong Jin, Xueke Xu, Yuanzhuo Wang, Songbo Tan, and Xueqi Cheng


Web-Based Analysis of Chinese Discourse Markers for Opinion Mining
Hen-Hsen Huang, Chi-Hsin Yu, Tai-Wei Chang, Cong-Kai Lin, and Hsin-Hsi Chen


Transfer Learning for Emotional Polarity Classification
Quang-Hong Vuong and Atsuhiro Takasu

WI RS10B: Opinion Mining 2

Chair: Juan Velásquez

Thursday 14.08; Room 111-112-113; 16:00-18:00


Multilingual Sentiment Analysis using Emoticons and Keywords
Georgios S. Solakidis, Konstantinos N. Vavliakis, and Pericles A. Mitkas


A Statistical and Evolutionary Approach to Sentiment Analysis
Jonnathan Carvalho, Adriana Prado, and Alexandre Plastino


Sentiment-based Features for Predicting Election Polls: A Case Study on the Brazilian Scenario
Diego Tumitan and Karin Becker


Learning Bilingual Embedding Model for Cross-language Sentiment Classification
Xuewei Tang and Xiaojun Wan


Ranking Linked-Entities in a Sentiment Graph
Filipa Peleja, João Santos, and João Magalhães


Popularity Meter: Linked-Entities in a Sentiment Graph
Filipa Peleja and João Magalhães

WI RS11A: Information Retrieval 1

Chair: Dmitry Ignatov

Thursday 14.08; Room 211-212-213; 9:00-10:20


Sentence-based Plot Classification for Online Review Comments
Hidenari Iwai, Yoshinori Hijikata, Kaori Ikeda, and Shogo Nishida


Summarizing Search Results with Community Question Answering
Chung-Lun Chiang, Shih-Ying Chen, and Pu-Jen Cheng


Lazy Walks Versus Walks with Backstep: Flavor of PageRank
Mieczysław A. Kłopotek, Sławomir T. Wierzchoń, Krzysztof Ciesielski, Dariusz Czerski, and Michał Dramiński


A Machine Learning Approach to SPARQL Query Performance Prediction
Rakebul Hasan and Fabien Gandon

WI RS11B: Information Retrieval 2

Chair: Dmitry Ignatov

Room 211-212-213; 16:00-18:00


Improving Biodiversity Data Retrieval through Semantic Search and Ontologies
Flor Karina Mamani Amanqui, Kleberson J.  Serique, Silvio D. Cardoso, José Laurindo Campos dos Santos, Andrea Albuquerque, and Dilvan A. Moreira


Online Retweet Recommendation with Item Count Limits
Xiaoqi Zhao and Keishi Tajima


Extracting Attributes and Synonymous Attributes from Online Encyclopedias
Qian Liu, Dayong Wu, Yue Liu, and Xueqi Cheng


Credibility Microscope: relating Web Page Credibility Evaluations to their Textual Content
Wojciech Jaworski, Emilia Rejmund, and Adam Wierzbicki


Harnessing Social Signals to Enhance a Search
Ismail Badache and Mohand Boughanem


Relevant Sources of Information are Not Necessarily Popular Ones
Romain Noel, Alexandre Pauchet, Bruno Grilheres, Nicolas Malandain, Laurent Vercouter, and Stephan Brunessaux

Warsaw - The Old Town

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Chopin statue in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - Library and gardens

Warsaw - Palace in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - WIC 2014 venue

University of Warsaw - Central Campus

Glimpse of modern Warsaw

Warsaw - Castle Square

Warsaw - Downtown by night

Warsaw - Royal Castle seen from the river

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