WIC 2014 Special Session Schedule

There are sixteen special sessions in the schedule of WIC 2014.

Click on session title to see detailed schedule of each session.

Monday, 11.08

WI SPS1: Special session on Big Data Analytics

Papers: SG205, SG206, SG207, SG208, SG209, SG210, SG211

IAT SPS1: Special session on Agent-Based Simulation Supporting Decision Making

Papers: SF204, SF202, SF203, Ir206, Ir215, Ir259, Ir261, Ir287, Ir300

BIH SPS1: Special session on Neuroimaging Data Processing Strategies

Papers: BE1, BE2, BE3, BE4, BE5, SB5202, B234, B214

BIH SPS2: Special session on Panomics of Diseases and Pathogens

Papers: SB7203, SB7201, SB7202, SB7206, SB7204, SB7205, SB7207

AMT SPS1: Special session on Human Aspects in Cyber-Physical Systems

Papers: SA5202, SA5203, SA5204, SA5205, SA5207, SA5208

AMT SPS2: Special session on Facial Image Analysis with Applications

Papers: SA6201, SA6202, SA6203, A213, A215

Tuesday, 12.08

WI SPS2: Special session on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining

Papers: SE204, SE210, SE205, Wr429, Wr226, SE212, SE201, SE211, SE215, SE202, SE209, Wr241

WI SPS3: Joint special session on Granular Computing and Soft Clustering

Papers: SC201, SC202, SC203, SC204, SC205, SA202, SA203

BIH SPS3: Special session on State of the Art Technology in Hearing Loss Remediation

Papers: SB6201, SB6202, SB6203, SB6204, SB6205, SB6206, SB6207

BIH SPS4: Special session on Understanding of Information Processing in Brain

Papers: SB4215, SB4201, SB4203, SB4205, SB4206, SB4210, SB4211, SB4213, SB4214

AMT SPS3: Special session on Intelligent Technologies in Mineral Exploration

Papers: SA3201, SA3202, SA3203, SA3204, A279

Wednesday, 13.08

BIH SPS5: Special session on Extracting Knowledge from Symptoms in Neurodegenerative Disease (Parkinson)

Papers: SB2201, SB2202, SB2203, SB2204

BIH SPS6: Special session on Analysis of Complex Medical Data

Papers: SB3201, SB3204, B238, B249, B268

BIH SPS7: Special session on Early Detection of Dementia

Papers: SB8201, SB8203, SB8202, B271, B250

Thursday, 14.08

IAT SPS2: Special session on Cooperative Knowledge Discovery and Management

Papers: Ir305, Ir301, Ir260, Ir203, Ir208, Ir211, Ir267

BIH SPS8: hci4all - Special session on Advanced Methods of Interactive Data Mining for Personalized Medicine

Papers: SB9201, SB9202, SB9203, SB9204, SB9205, SB9207, SB9209, SB9210

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