WIC 2014 Tutorial - Identifying Problems and Solutions on Ontology Learning and Population from Text

Identifying Problems and Solutions on Ontology Learning and Population from Text

Professor Rosario Girardi - Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil

This short course will focus on discussing the main problems and corresponding solutions for the automatic and/or semi­-automatic acquisition of each one of the components of an ontology (classes, properties, taxonomic and non-­taxonomic relationships, axioms and instances) from textual resources, through a common process for the incremental building of ontologies driven by the goals of a particular knowledge­ system. Applied techniques from the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction and Ontology Reuse will be discussed and illustrated with application examples in the Legal domain.


Professor Rosario Girardi
Doctor (Computer Science), University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1996. Master (Computer Science), UFRGS, Brazil, 1991. Engineer (Computer Science), UdelaR, Uruguay, 1982. Lawyer, OAB, Brazil, 2012. Associate Professor (Computer Science Department at Federal University of Maranhão). She acts as lecturer, researcher and advisor on the Graduate course in Electric Engineering (Computer Science area) and on the Undergraduate course in Computer Science. Her specialization areas are: Artificial Intelligence, Legal Computing, Software Engineering and Information Engineering. Since 2001 she coordinates research projects with support of the CNPq and CAPES federal funding agencies and receives a CNPq research productivity grant since 2008. Dr. Girardi has orientated more than 100 final degree, research works and teaching apprenticeships at the graduate and undergraduate level. She has produced more than 100 publications in books, book chapters, journals and proceedings of events related with her research activities. She has been participating as member of program committees, lecturer and moderator in several national and international events related with her specialties.
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