WIC 2014 Workshop Schedule

There are seven workshops that accompany main conferences of WIC 2014. All workshops are scheduled for Monday, August 11.

Click on workshop title to see detailed schedule.

WI WS1: WPRSM - The Third International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems and Social Media

Papers: Wr261, S5203, S5206, S5208, S5202, Wr264, Wr380, Wr422, Wr441

WI WS2: NLPOE - 7th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering

Papers: S9202, S9203, S9204, S9205

WI WS3: WOSWI - Second International Workshop on Social Web Intelligence

Papers: S7203, Wr295, Wr418, Wr347, Wr446, Wr448

WI WS4: KDO - International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Ontologies

Papers: S4203, S4204, S4205, S4207, Wr346, Wr351, Wr360

IAT WS1: AS-BPM - International Workshop on Agent Systems in Business Process Management

Papers: S3201, S3202, S3204, S3205, S3206, S3207, S3208

AMT WS1: HAAI - 8th International Workshop on Human Aspects in Ambient Intelligence

Papers: SA1201, SA1203, SA1204, SA1205, SA1206, A204, A249, A277

AMT WS2: SUMSC - International Workshop on Sensing, Understanding, and Modeling for Smart City

Papers: SA2201, SA2202, A241, A243, SA2203

Warsaw - The Old Town

Panorama of Warsaw

Chopin statue in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - Library and gardens

Warsaw - Palace in Łazienki park

University of Warsaw - WIC 2014 venue

University of Warsaw - Central Campus

Glimpse of modern Warsaw

Warsaw - Castle Square

Warsaw - Downtown by night

Warsaw - Royal Castle seen from the river

Warsaw University of Technology